Conan Discovers George R. R. Martin’s Foolproof Method For Protecting His Work From Computer Viruses

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05.13.14 14 Comments
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Team Coco

George R.R. Martin took a break from writing about sex and betrayal to drop by Conan and entertain for a bit. HBO must’ve had their backs turned or something and he managed to escape.

He’s always a welcome appearance on television screens though, mostly because he’s proven to be an entertaining guest in the past. Even with this seemingly innocuous tidbit about his computer practices, Martin still manages to be pretty fun to listen to. The only thing missing is the revelation that he uses a third computer to spend sweaty nights looking at German porno and bakery websites.

It’s a good piece of advice for writers though. I would also throw out that you should occupy a different space in relation to whatever task you are trying to complete. Like right now, I’m writing this in a room that I believe was once a crack den. It gives me the proper inspiration for top notch blog posts and it gets the strongest Wi-Fi signal from the McDonald’s next door.

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