Conan Exposes The Terrifying Twist Behind ‘Elf On The Shelf’ And Saves Christmas In The Process

Conan reveals the terrifying secret behind Elf On The Shelf in this exclusive eye-opening clip. It would seem that the well is running dry on Christmas classics from year to year and the folks behind Elf On The Shelf hired Kurt Sutter to shore up the special a bit for 2013. At least that’s what I think after watching the video.

For those that don’t know, Elf On The Shelf is an idea from the mind of Satan himself. It involves families buying what they believe is an inanimate toy elf to decorate their homes for the holidays and watch over them for naughty behavior to report back to Santa. What they don’t realize is that each elf will slaughter the family pets, steal all of their valuables and knock up their daughters before the sun rises on Christmas Day.

Or hey, maybe some mother and daughter created it to make money. It’s not like I’m an expert on the subject or anything.  Much like Conan, I can’t believe they let kids watch this crap.  This side of Christmas sucks.

(Via Team Coco)