Conan Has A Tense Run In With A Very Timid, But Adorable Owl Monkey

06.18.14 4 years ago

Whenever one of the late night shows have animals on, that usually means something crazy is going to happen with the host. Conan is always good for this, almost as much as he’s good for a remote segment.

Here we see him tangle with an owl monkey, also known as a night monkey. Why is it call that? Let’s consult the scholars shall we?

The name “night monkey” comes from the fact that all species are active at night and are, in fact, the only truly nocturnal monkeys (an exception is the subspecies Aotus azarae azarae, which is cathemeral). Night monkeys make a notably wide variety of vocal sounds, with up to eight categories of distinct calls (gruff grunts, resonant grunts, screams, low trills, moans, gulps, sneeze grunts and hoots), and a frequency range of 190-1,950 Hz. Unusual among the New World monkeys, they are monochromats, that is, they have no colour vision, presumably because it is of no advantage given their nocturnal habits. They have a better spatial resolution at low light levels than other primates, which contributes to their ability to capture insects and move at night. Night monkeys live in family groups consisting of a mated pair and their immature offspring. Family groups defend territories by vocal calls and scent marking. (via)

I suppose they missed the part where it tries to burrow into your skull when frightened. At least that’s what it did to Conan, but I guess he sort of deserved it trying to feed it raisins. Adorable things like the owl monkey deserve only the finest nuts and berries one can find in the forest. Stupid late night host.

Three-striped night monkey, Northern night monkey

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(Via Team Coco)

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