Conan, Ice Cube, And Kevin Hart Take A ‘Lyft’ Car Around LA In Search Of Weed, Beats, And Fun

Conan took advantage of the innovative ride sharing service Lyft and brought Kevin Hart and Ice Cube along for the ride. What resulted was a hilarious bit of television that’s well worth the nine minute running time. It almost makes me want to throw in my Ice Cube collection DVD and let the night melt away.

Highlights include the entire video, of course, but I would single out Conan’s general goofiness, Cube’s defense of his Wendy’s food choices, and Kevin Hart’s fears that they look like they are selling ass while waiting for their ride to show.

This is the first time I’d heard of Lyft, but the entire thing seems like a wild alternative to hailing a cab. It most likely smells a lot better too, but I’d never know. I live in the type of place where a Lyft program would lead to a lot of disappearances and a lot of pink mustached cars being sold for junk.

A segment on Conan is a perfect way to garner some buzz though and show off exactly how the service works. Or maybe it’s the worst way if your ride wants to do nothing but ride around drinking and hunting for weed. No matter the marketing outcome, the video is hilarious.

(Via Team Coco)