Conan Spends Some Quality Time With His Interns, Again Proves That He Is Master Of The Remote Segment

When Conan does a remote, whether it be with celebrities like Ice Cube and Kevin Hart or by himself at places like The American Girl store, it’s usually hilarious. I agree with Kris Maske when he says Conan’s remotes have “always ranged from “very funny” to “greatest thing I’ve ever seen on television.”

The best for me are when Conan messes with the people who work under him, like Jordan Schlanksy and his assistant Sona Movsesian. Here he decides to descend from his throne high above TBS and meet with some of the lowly interns he has working on the show. And the results had me howling like mad, scaring my two cats and my lizard.

Is Conan kind of a dick? Sure. But he’s a loveable dick. He lets the girl with glasses really dig in with his hair and always replaces pencil guy’s namesake when he is finished breaking it in half.

I’d love to intern for Conan. I’m already great at making coffee and fetching food for people. I could also collate, legibly write notes, and even stand in for my own remote segment where Conan throws rotten eggs at me. I have lost all shame.

(Via Team Coco)