Conan Takes On Michelle Obama’s #GimmeFive Challenge With Some Help From Kevin Hart

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04.07.15 2 Comments

Michelle Obama is still attempting to get folks more active in their daily lives, celebrating five years of the Let’s Move! initiative by asking people to #GimmeFive. To help spread the word, the First Lady is challenging celebrities and asking them to spread the challenge around. That’s where Conan comes in, with a little help from Kevin Hart.

She challenges Conan to do some chin-ups in order to perk up his marshmallow arms and he goes at it, but seems to miss the spirit of the challenge by cheating. Kevin Hart probably gets more of a workout than Conan, but I guess that was the point. Comedy gold!

The entire segment is a weird group of names being lumped together, including Bill Nye The Science Guy getting called out in the end to do some jumping jacks. It’s for a decent cause, though, so hopefully it works.

(Via Team Coco)

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