Timothy Olyphant And Conan O’Brien Pull Back The Curtain To Prove TV Is All A Big Lie

Livia Soprano once said, “it’s all a big nothing.” As someone who had lived a long and eventful life like Livia, hearing that existential nightmare cried out into the void like a Night Lord embracing the darkness isn’t easy to deal with, but reality hardly goes down with a spoonful of sugar. That’s why its best to give up any semblance of hope, nod and smile when Conan O’Brien reminds his audience and the world that TV is all just a big lie.

Thankfully, Timothy Olyphant will not go gently into that good night, oh no. The fine actor refuses the call when Conan asks him to pretend that Sturgill Simpson is there, on stage, just a few feet away. Why should he? He’s honest. Sturgill Simpson had to play their set earlier in the day due to a scheduling conflict, and the show must go on. But Timothy Olyphant doesn’t bend to Conan’s will easily.

In this short Scraps clip, we get an intimate look at the behind-the-scenes of Conan, and a reveal of the normally confidential inner-workings of the lie that is television. It’s enlighting, and Olyphant’s utter rejection of Conan’s wishes are a breath of fresh air in a world that demands conformity.

(Via Team Coco)