Conan O’Brien Plays ‘World Of Warcraft’ At BlizzCon 13, Commentates Championship

11.21.13 4 years ago 11 Comments

Conan Plays 'World Of Warcraft' At BlizzCon 13 And Commentates A Game

Conan O’Brien visited BlizzCon 13 to try out World Of Warcraft and to openly bluff his way through providing color commentary for the championship game. He starts out talking to Tom Chilton, Game Director for World of Warcraft, a guy who met his wife playing the game. Conan informs him that he was late because he accidentally went Blitz-con (a celebration of Wolf Blitzer).

Then he meets J. Allen Brack, Production Director for World of Warcraft, to try out the game. Almost immediately, his character dies in a stupid way and he gets into an argument with somebody who says “u mad?”. Oh, MMORPGs, never change.

After that, “World Gaming Champion” Conan O’Brien commentates the World Of Warcraft Global Finals at BlizzCon 13 while making it clear he doesn’t understand the game and doesn’t care, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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