The ‘Conversations With Friends’ Trailer Features Almost Too Much Sexually-Charged Eye Contact

After the success of the heart-shattering series Normal People, Hulu has taken another one of Sally Rooney’s devastating novels and once again cast a bunch of hauntingly beautiful people in a new series, this time set to a new Phoebe Bridgers song.

Conversations With Friends stars Alison Oliver as a young college student who becomes entangled with a married couple, also while dating her best friend and roommate. So, the friends start doing a whole lot more than just conversing, clearly.

The series also stars Taylor Swift’s muse Joe Alwyn, Sasha Lane, and Girls’ Jemima Kirke as they all embark on relationships with other people and each other. The series is directed and executive produced by Lenny Abrahamson.“Conversations is really a coming-of-age story,” Abrahamson told The Hollywood Reporter. “Centering on Frances, who is trying to figure herself out… it’s prepared to challenge the viewer’s own sense of what is good or right in various situations.”

This is Rooney’s second TV adaptation after Normal People became an early pandemic hit, and Bridgers became an instant fan. Her song “Sidelines” can be heard in the latest Conversations With Friends trailer.

The twelve-episode series is set to premiere on May 15th. Check out the trailer above.