Converse Is Making A Line Of ‘Simpsons’ Sneakers To Celebrate The Show’s 25th Anniversary

06.14.13 13 Comments


I don’t know if any of you are looking for some stylish footwear to wear to our upcoming UPROXX field trip to Universal Studios’ fully operational Moe’s Tavern, but if you are…

These official kicks of nostalgia will be part of The Simpsons’ Chuck Taylor All Star collection. They’ll come in sizes for men, women and children featuring all five members of the Simpsons clan plus a few of their infamous phrases. Our eyes are torn between Homer’s signature D’oh! and Marge’s towering cobalt hair.

All styles hit shelves at Journeys and Converse stores on June 15 (tomorrow) with price tags between $37 and $65. [Stylite]

It’s probably too late for suggestions, but just in case there are a few blank Chucks laying around this afternoon, allow me to toss something out real quick: SOMEBODY PUT LIONEL HUTZ ON A SHOE.

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