Corgi Dressed as Serenity from ‘Firefly’

11.01.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

Most of Joss Whedon’s work is overrated thanks to his hyperventilating fans, but this here should only be loved and celebrated: Onyx the corgi dressed as Serenity, the spaceship from “Firefly.”

This makes an intriguing addition to the 101 Halloween corgis I posted on Friday. Between Onyx as Serenity and Pudge as Doctor Who, I could almost be interested in these cult TV shows that geeks keep raving about. I’d actually watch them if they were re-cast and re-shot with all-corgi casts (Nathan Fillion and Christina Hendricks excepted). I mean, a corgi kicking ass would be no less believable than one of Whedon’s waifs knocking out 200-pound dudes. It’d probably be a better actor than Summer Glau, too.

(image via flickr)

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