Corgi Friday: More Reader Submissions

06.22.12 3 Comments

This week was kind of slow on the corgi front. Admittedly, we’ve been spoiled over the past month or so, what with dogs barking along to “Call Me Maybe,” a corgi setting off a fireball in a kitchen, and this $3,000 corgi decanter, so we were probably due for a drop-off at some point. The Circle of Life, and so on.
Given this lack of a big honking corgi-related story, I was more than pleased that two people contacted me on Twitter to pass along some content. First, I received this short, but adorable, video of a bunch of itty bitty wittle corgi puppies gnawing away at a cardboard box in unison. I don’t know what the events were that led up to this clip, but I think it’s safe to assume that the box had it coming.
Second of all, reader Kevin sent me this tweet informing me that he had sent me “a sh-t-ton of corgi pics” via email. He wasn’t kidding. He sent me 20 pictures of his two-year-old corgi, Belle, in various stages of mischief and relaxation throughout the house, which I have posted after the jump. As I’ve said before, this sort of thing is encouraged, because I am very lazy and clicking Download All is super-easy.

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