Craig Ferguson Has Chosen A Strangely Appropriate Final Guest For His ‘Late Late Show’ Send Off

Guests for the final three weeks of Craig Ferguson’s The Late Late Show have been announced. Ferguson’s final show will be on December 19th, after which he’ll be replaced by James Corden. Among those who will stop by during the last three weeks will be some of his most frequent guests — Tim Meadows, Thomas Lennon, Betty White and Henry Winkler — as well as Jon Hamm, Carey Fisher, his old pal Drew Carey from The Drew Carey Show, Mila Kunis, and Larry King.

Oddly, but also appropriately, Jay Leno — the last late-night host to step down from network television — will be the final guest, and I suppose the two will chat about what happens after a late-night show ends its run. For Jay Leno, it just means another talker — a car-themed show on CNBC — while Ferguson won’t disappear, either. He’s hosting Celebrity Name Game, which is currently in syndication.

Disappointingly, the big Doctor Who fan does not have anyone associated with that show stopping by in the last three weeks, nor is the subject of one of his best interviews of all time, Game of Thrones‘ Gwendoline Christie.

Source: THR