Here’s Craig Ferguson’s Perfect Explanation About Why He’s Leaving ‘The Late Late Show’

Craig Ferguson continued his farewell tour last week. He’s already announced his finale date (December 19th, the day after The Colbert Report ends, so hopefully Ferguson won’t be overshadowed) and has booked the last three weeks of guests, including the strangely appropriate final guest, Jay Leno.

The other hosts are also stopping by. CBS’s website didn’t give it much play (their YouTube channel always gives short shrift to Craig Ferguson), but Jimmy Kimmel was a guest on Friday’s show, and he ended spending much of his time begging Ferguson to stay, saying with disbelief, “We don’t quit jobs here! We get fired! We don’t leave voluntarily!”

Ferguson persisted, however, and after Kimmel explained to Ferguson that he’s ‘very good at this” and would be lousy with his chosen profession after leaving late night (fighting crime), Ferguson dropped this amazing quote (at 25:45):

“It’s a short time on this planet, man. It’s a date, and then a hyphen, and then another date. And we’re the hyphen. And I’m like, ‘I’m not spending the whole time talking to f**king celebrities, man. I’m not doing it.'”

If there was any doubts about the fact that Craig Ferguson is leaving The Late Late Show on his own terms, this entire wonderful interview will completely dispel them.

The Kimmel interview starts at the 19 minute mark.

via Splitsider