Crazy 2014 TV Theories That Of Course Did Not Pan Out

We spent a lot of 2014 covering theories for some of our favorite shows. For the most part, we’ve just continued watching the shows to see if a theory plays out (at least whenever a higher authority didn’t chime in with a definitive answer). However, there were a few in particular that were ridiculous from the get go, and they deserve to be put on blast. The following are all totally real theories that were not just made up by me this morning:


Show: True Detective

Theory: Marty’s daughter was the Yellow King.

Notes: Audrey was reenacting the Dora Lange crime scene with dolls, drawing the sex drawings, doing sex stuff (“You know, like f*cking”), AND has blonde hair. OMG, THE YELLOW KING WAS UNDER MARTY’S NOSE THE WHOLE TIME!!!

Result: Haha, no. I guess Audrey was a bit too young to run the operation. And they would probably refer to her as the Yellow Queen.

Show: The Walking Dead

Theory: The Governor’s gonna come back this time, just you wait.

Notes: After seeing him pop back up at the top half of season four, it seems possible that The Governor may have somehow survived and would be back to run things. People in Terminus were thriving? Governor’s behind that. Bob got snatched up at random? I bet The Governor was orchestrating the whole thing. A hospital was being run by cops? C’mon, that’s just government hierarchy right there.