Crunch Some Numbers With This Supercut Of Stephen Colbert Using A Calculator

Fans of Stephen Colbert and The Colbert Report could probably name dozens of hilarious little quirks that he has among their favorites, from the way he whips out a Bud Light Lime to get loose every now and then to his joy of breaking it down with a suave dance routine. My favorite has always been when he busts out his old school calculator and mashes it with his knuckles, because it’s so simple and stupid that it makes me laugh uncontrollably every time he does it. Naturally, when the Colbert Nation debuted a supercut of some of Colbert’s finest calculator moments today, I had to check to make sure I didn’t slip on a banana peel, bonk my head on my hot tub and slip into a wonderful dream world.

If they’re taking requests for the next supercut, I don’t have anything specific other than a demand for them to keep making Colbert supercuts.