Dan Aykroyd’s Blues Brothers-esque Fallon Intro Was A Nice Reminder Of Why We Love Dan Aykroyd

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07.31.13 9 Comments

Between batsh*t crazy alien conspiracy theorizing and his undying obsession with making Bill Murray-less Ghostbusters sequels it’s like Dan Aykroyd has hellbent on making us forget about things like Trading Places, Blues Brothers, and “Jane, you ignorant slut” over the last several years.

So when Jimmy Fallon suggested Dan do a big production Blues Brothers-esque musical number intro last night it was quite the PR coup, for yours truly at least. Just another reminder of why Jimmy is so good at what he does: he brings the best out of every guest that drops by, most especially SNL alums.

Once you’re done not believing you just watched Dan Aykroyd perform “Born in Chicago” with The Roots, here’s a fun anectdote from the OG 30 Rockefeller Center days when Dan had a Don Draper-like near death experience (also some bonus like drug use innuendo).

And here’s the plug for Dan’s Crystal Head vodka and their new (pretty damn cool) Rolling Stones tribute product, which is banned in New York because “the skull is too awesome-looking,” essentially.

And for good measure, here’s the two trying out some delicious looking adult beverages.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

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