Dan Harmon Discussed Donald Glover’s ‘Devastating’ Exit, Alison Brie Wore A Luigi Hat At Comic-Con

“A train of pleasure followed by a caboose of pain.” That’s how returning Community creator Dan Harmon oh so suggestively described Donald Glover’s exit from the study group after five episodes in season four, to live out the plot of 8 Mile, in an interview with TVLine. Today, Community steps up to the massive Hall H at Comic-Con, where the only thing louder than the cheers for Harmon will be the clicks of cameras pointed at Alison Brie and Gillian Jacobs, photos which will be then be printed and proudly displayed in attics across America. But in that same interview, Harmon already revealed most of the upcoming season’s surprises, including an upcoming animated episode and how Jeff will return to Greendale after graduating in the season three finale that NEVER HAPPENED.

And in this video, Alison Brie wears a Luigi hat.

Does that make Waluigi Asian Annie? I suddenly have the urge to play Mario Tennis.

(Via TVLine)