Dana Carvey Revives The SNL Classic ‘Choppin Broccoli’ With A Little Help From An Orchestra

Good news! We’ve fallen back in time. That’s surely the only reason that Dana Carvey is singing his classic SNL song “Choppin’ Broccoli” on television, right? It’s not like some newly minted late night king is using nostalgia to grab our attention and boost his own stock at the same time. That would mean we’re all rubes, with me sitting at the top of the pile. I am going to put a hold on that Apple stock.

You gotta give Jimmy Fallon and his team of writers credit, they know how to package things the average viewer loves. I assume the thinking here was this was funny back in 1986 (I had no clue it was that old), so maybe if we throw in an orchestra and play it serious it can be funny again.

It misses the point of the original bit, but it isn’t like Dana Carvey can pull out George Bush and expect everyone to get the jokes he’s throwing out there. The man needs something and this is it. Enjoy it. It’s entertaining.

(Via The Tonight Show)