Danny DeVito Live-Tweeted The Premiere Of His New Show, But His Tweets Are More Enjoyable (And Deranged) Without Context

Danny DeVito‘s Twitter account is more than just photos of his “trollfoot.” It’s also him tweeting about boiling babies and fisting dogs. To promote the premiere of Little Demon, a new animated series on FXX starring DeVito, his daughter Lucy, and Aubrey Plaza, the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star live-tweeted the first two episodes. The thing is, he didn’t explain what was he doing or put the tweets in a thread or include a #LittleDemon hashtag, which is how live-tweeting usually works, so, as one follower put it, “he looks like he’s becoming unhinged out of context.” Like so:

Other highlights include “Don’t f*ck with the Antichrist,” “Raise your hand if you f*cked the devil,” and “I’d rather fist a dog than be in a relationship. Piss my pants!” That’s not DeVito’s best tweet — “Antonin Scalia retire bitch” is the GOAT — but it’s up there.

Legend. DeVito told us what it’s like to play Satan in Little Demon. “Well, it’s complex. There are so many things coming at me [Satan], whether it’s demons who want my sh*t, or the realms, hell and temptations, and things that I’ve got to deal with in a Tony Soprano way, where there’s a lot of people gunning for me,” he said. “But needing allies is a real big thing. And when I fall head over heels, which is not hard to imagine, for [Aubrey Plaza’s character]. [Satan has] had many women.”

You can watch the first two episodes of Little Demon on Hulu.