Danny DeVito Slayed Jimmy Kimmel With A Story About A Lady Dying On Him As An Altar Boy

With season ten of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia premiering last week, Danny DeVito stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to catch up. Being that DeVito and Kimmel are both of the Catholic persuasion, the two men reminisced about their time as altar boys when they were kids. But nobody will ever top the story Danny DeVito brought to the table.

He recalled that once while working a 6:30 A.M. mass — which was supposedly the mass that only four or five old ladies showed up to — ONE OF THE OLD LADIES DIED. And she was right next to Danny DeVito when it happened. As it turns out, old Italian priests are less than sympathetic when old ladies drop dead next to altar boys, and the ensuing story had Kimmel practically in tears.

How does Danny DeVito not tell this story on seriously every single talk show he goes on? I googled it and I couldn’t find anything dating back before like four hours ago. If this happened to me I would tell my dentist and the cashier at the grocery store. But I guess that’s why Danny DeVito is cooler than I am.