Daryl From ‘The Walking Dead’ Is Sneaking Up On Everyone

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03.20.13 4 Comments

Not much is going on in the world of TV today. CSI was renewed for season 917, Parks and Recreation and Community will air their season finales on May 2nd and 9th, people are still mad about HBO canceling Enlightened, Lorne Michaels compared Jimmy Fallon to Johnny Carson, yadda yadda yadda. So rather than try to care about Donald Sutherland’s NBC drama, here are two things to do instead: look at GIFs of Daryl Dixon sneaking up behind people and things below, as he did in the best scene of The Walking Dead this season, THEN read editor emeritus Matt Ufford’s GQ article “Ten Years Gone: Remembering Iraq (or at Least Trying To).”

Don’t let anyone tell you Warming Glow isn’t highbrow. And now, a GIF of a man creeping up on Beetlejuice.

It’s the simple things, y’know? Check out more here.

(Via Sneaky Daryl)

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