David Cross Spoofs Talk Show Cooking Segment Hilariously On ‘Comedy Bang Bang’

As anyone reading this website probably already knows, few things are more absurd and worthless than cooking segments on talk shows. Here, via Eater, David Cross portrays “Chef Bellini Pastafangu” in a talk show cooking segment spoof on Comedy Bang Bang to better demonstrate the ridiculousness of those things. With with host Scott Aukerman by his side, Chef Pastafangu makes what turns out looking like as the worst paella dish the world has ever seen.

Of course, Chef Pastafangu has a book to promote in the segment — a cookbook, naturally — appropriately titled How to Make Food: A Chef’s Guide to Recipes. Now watch the clip below, which promises to “take that rumble from your stomach and move it to your butt.”

(HT: Eater)

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