David Hasselhoff Fired Yet Again

David Hasselhoff is a confused old drunk who has no business being in front of a camera, but he has a kind of kitschy charm, so he still gets TV jobs even though he was fired from “America’s Got Talent,” canceled by A&E, and booted off of “Dancing withe the Stars” before The Situation and Margaret Cho. Well, we can now add “Britain’s Got Talent” to that list of failures, because the show has let him go.

The actor is blamed for a dramatic ratings plunge… The Baywatch legend – seen as a major signing by ITV to replace Simon Cowell – often had difficulty understanding contestants’ accents.

A source said: “David was a great booking at the time. We thought he’d bring loads of laughs and warmth but it didn’t work out. He was fun but had no connection with the acts. The panel lacked sparkle and it was reflected in the acts that went through.” [The Sun]

Granted, The Sun is only slightly more reliable for facts than my imagination, but the fact remains: Hasselhoff has been dumped again. I’d guess that he’s only three or four more reality show failures away from TV executives getting the point.