David Letterman’s Interview with Justin Bieber Was Weird

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06.22.12 9 Comments

Justin Bieber was a guest on last night’s “Late Show with David Letterman.” It was awkward. Bieber was there to talk about Believe, his new album that he’s so proud of, he had its title tattooed onto his left arm because “swaggy bro” is already on his lower back. Old Man Letterman was not a fan.

“How does that help how you look to have a tattoo?” the CBS late-night host asked the Canadian pop prince. [Ed. Note: the pop king is the guy from Barenaked Ladies]

“How does it not help the way I look?” Bieber responded, explaining that Believe’s June 19 release was “an important day” so he wanted to mark the occasion.

In an awkward moment, Letterman suddenly grabbed Bieber’s arm and apparently tried to rub off the tattoo. Objecting, Bieber yelled, “Eh! Eh!” (Via)

Be sure to say that “Eh!” in a punchable, whiny tone. Do the same while reading “Sixteenth Chapel” out loud, too, because that’s what Bieber called the Sistine Chapel. Letterman’s response: “Canadian high school!” But that’s nothing compared to the burn that someone said on the Internet’s equivalent of a town called Inbred Valley, TMZ. You guys ready. This is gonna hurt.

“Oh, Bieber is so cultured- NOT!”

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