David Lynch Gave His First Weather Report In Almost A Decade

It is happening again. Even David Lynch can’t resist reviving old IP. But when he does it he does it his way. If you loved Twin Peaks, his crowning televisual achievement, you were stoked to hear he was bringing it back…and then you were perhaps frustrated, even traumatized, that it wasn’t, to put it lightly, more of the same. (Or maybe that’s what made you love it.) Now he’s bringing back another popular thing he used to do: The maker of Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, and Hollywood’s first stab at Dune is once again giving daily weather reports.

This comes from Entertainment Weekly, who noticed the acclaimed filmmaker, artist, and occasional actor kicked off the second week in May by doing a thing he used to do in the aughts: delivering weather reports for Los Angeles County. Why would he do this? Why not! It’s a helpful service! He gave that up in June of 2010, meaning this return is a hair shy of the decade mark.

As with the Lynch weather reports of old, they’re surreally direct and unfussy. Lynch simply sits at a desk, uttering words you could hear from a TV meteorologist, minus anything approaching jokes. As always, it runs just over 30 seconds. It remains to be seen if this will once again become a regular thing, but it’s good to have the man back, entertaining even those who live far, far away from southern California. Heck, maybe it’s a sign that he’s trying to get more content out there, perhaps another short featuring a lovelorn, tragic talking chimp.

You can watch Lynch’s weather report in the above video.

(Via EW)