Demore Barnes, The First Black Deputy Chief In ‘SVU’ History, Is Just As Confused As You Are About His Exit

In a new Instagram video shared with his fans on Friday, actor Demore Barnes reveals that he has no idea why his character is exiting Law & Order: SVU. Barnes played Christian Garland, the first Black Deputy Chief in SVU history, and was made a series regular in Season 21. However, earlier in the month, it was announced that Barnes’ character would not be back for the upcoming Season 23. According to his message on Instagram, the news was a complete surprise to him, too.

Via Deadline:

“While I know you were happy that I was here, and that I’m happy that I was here, I also know you’re sad and surprised and I am too,” Barnes admitted in an Instagram post addressed to his fans and the SVU audience. “I don’t totally know why this happened.”

Despite being caught off guard that he will not be returning to SVU, Barnes had nothing but positive things to say about his experience, which he hopes will benefit other actors of color. The actor also expressed his love for his character Chief Garland.

“I hope that Wolf Entertainment’s leadership, in giving me opportunity amplify vital voice and story, will result in many studios continuing to open doors of opportunities for others to do the same,” Barnes said in the video. “This must continue.”

(Via Demore Barnes on Instagram)