Details On The Final Season Of ‘Sons of Anarchy,’ Plus The First Look At Marilyn Manson

FX announced the premiere date for the final season of Sons of Anarchy yesterday. It will premiere on September 9th with an hour and forty-five minute episode because Kurt Sutter has no f**king idea how to fit an episode in an hour, and if I recall accurately, SoA starts at 10 EST, which has often meant brutally long nights for people with jobs and obligations that require early wake-up times. So, thanks for that, Kurt.

We also know that the final season will pick up 10 days after the events of last season (SPOILER: Gemma killed Tara, Juice killed Eli, and Jax discovered Tara’s body on his way to turn himself in). Jax will be in prison when the season picks up, where he will meet Ron Tully, a white supremacist shot-caller played by Marilyn Manson.

Here’s what he looks like (via EW):

That’s all we really know so far about the plot details, although we also know that Courtney Love and Walton Goggins will be appearing in the final season, that Wendy will be a series regular (ugh), and that almost everyone will die.

FX also announced that there would be a Sons of Anarchy post-show hosted by Chris Franjola (Chelsea Lately). It will air on FX after the season premiere and the season finale. It will stream live on FXNOW three other times throughout the season.

Source: EW