‘Dexter’ Recap: What We Learned From This Week’s Exhausting Final Season Episode

… and the drain continues to circle on the final season of Dexter, with the sixth episode of the interminable year, and episode that gasped and coughed and gasped and coughed and then, as though a curtain had been pulled, a ray of sunshine shot across the season and gave us hope! Not much hope, but HOPE. And remember, Red: Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.

Oh wait. That’s not how that goes. It goes: “Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.”

And so can Yvonne Strahovski.

If you’re going to be driven insane, this is the way to go, folks. Death by Hannah McKay.

Unfortunately, her appearance came in only the last 30 seconds of last night’s episode, after she slipped something into Debra’s drink that knocked her out. As soon as her face appeared, the episode ended, and with it, that brief bit of joy we felt for the first time in weeks watching Dexter.

Up until that last 30 seconds, “A Little Reflection” was one of those episodes that was basically entirely spelled out in the “on the next episode” promos from the week before, and there’s probably nothing important in last night’s episode you can’t catch in next week’s “previously on” segment. So, if you’re one of the unlucky many who lost Showtime in the Time Warner dispute, don’t worry about it. Really.

Here’s the bullet points:

1) Zack Hamilton, the douchey kid who everyone suspected killed his father’s mistress, Norma Rivera, did in fact kill Norma Rivera. He is also, it turns out, a patient of Dr. Vogel, who has a lady boner for his brand of psychopathy. Zack Hamilton was also set to kill his father’s newest mistress — because his father works fast — but Dexter stopped him, laid him out in his kill table, and nearly plunged the knife into his chest before realizing he has finally found someone that understands him, for the EIGHTH TIME IN EIGHT SEASONS. Dexter spares the douchey kid and decides to be his spiritual father and pass on Harry’s Code to Zack. Ta da!

2) Debra and Dexter enjoy steak and beer together, just like old times! Nevermind that whole Dexter is a serial killer that Debra wanted to f***, Debra killed LaGuerta, and also tried to kill Dexter. No big deal. WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE.

3) Batista promoted Miller instead of Quinn, and while Quinn seemed to be OK with that decision, Jamie was pissed at her brother for passing Quinn over and stormed out of her own birthday party.

4) It doesn’t look like they’re really going to spend a lot of time developing Masuka’s relationship with his daughter. This week, he gave her $5,000, and she felt insulted by his presumptuousness and also stormed out of the birthday party.

5) Debra’s boss clearly has a crush on Debra, for whatever that is worth.

6) Harrison catches Dexter in a lie when Harrison reveals that he’s been hanging on to a stuff animal soaked in blood that links Dexter to a murder. Dexter let him keep it, which is only interesting if the stuffed animal comes back around in a later episode and bites Dexter in the ass, although now that we know Harrison has the stuffed animal, it won’t be very surprising if it does bite Dexter in the ass.

7) Still no clue what’s going on between Dexter and the neighbor he weight out with, except that she’s apparently on a date with the poor man’s Ryan Gosling. I mean, LOOK AT THIS GUY. Did they find him at the School of Ryan Gosling impersonators?

8) HANNAH. “Hello Dexter, remember me?”