Did Kevin And Winnie Really ‘Do It’ In ‘The Wonder Years’ Finale? Fred Savage And Danica McKellar Discuss.

07.15.14 4 years ago 27 Comments


As many of you are already aware, The Wonder Years complete series is coming to DVD this fall thanks to StarVista Entertainment and Time Life, which — as of this morning — can be pre-ordered here. In addition to retaining virtually all of the original music of the series, as I’ve mentioned before, the set will also come with a ton of bonus features.

One such bonus feature that Time Life has exclusively provided to UPROXX reunites Fred Savage, Danica McKellar, and Josh Saviano to attempt to answer the question: Did Kevin and Winnie really “do it” in that barn in the series finale? No offense to Josh Saviano, but I don’t know why Paul gets a say in this. Although Paul technically did lose his virginity before Kevin, so actually — sure, let’s let him weigh in.

Unfortunately, the answer is frustratingly a non-answer, but if I had to decide for myself then I’d say: Yep, totally boned. What does everyone else think?

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