Did Michael Cudlitz Accidentally Spoil A Major ‘The Walking Dead’ Character Death On Twitter?

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06.03.15 23 Comments

During The Walking Dead offseason, speculation and rumors about impending character deaths is not uncommon, but it’s usually based on flimsy evidence. It’s rare — in the controlled world of The Walking Dead — that an actor or actress will let anything slip, which is why you should probably take the tweet of Michael Cudlitz (who plays Abraham) with a grain of salt. It could mean anything. It could mean he slipped. It could mean he’s trolling us. Or it could mean something else entirely.


A few days ago, Josh McDermitt — who plays Eugene on The Walking Dead — tweeted that he hasn’t been around The Walking Dead set lately because he’s working on a film. This is how Michael Cudlitz responded:

What? “Had a blast working with you,” as in, the past tense? As in, Cudlitz is no longer working with him?

Maybe! Whatever it was, Cudlitz quickly deleted the above tweet and replaced it with this, erasing the original line about having “had a blast.”

Accident? Could be. Or maybe Cudlitz just meant, “Had a blast working with you these past few weeks, and looking forward to seeing you back on set.” Or maybe he posted it just to screw with fans. That’s not uncommon — remember when Robert Kirkman completely seemed to spoil the death of Glenn? On purpose.

That said, if anyone is immediately expendable on The Walking Dead, it may be Eugene, who had a redemption episode last season and may not have much of a place left on the very crowded The Walking Dead set.

We shall see in October/November, when the sixth season of The Walking Dead arrives.

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