Did Nate Cheat On Maddy With Cassie On ‘Euphoria?’

(SPOILERS for this week’s Euphoria will be found below.)

While Rue Bennett’s battle with drug addiction is certainly a main plot point during season two of Euphoria, the love triangle between Nate, Cassie, and Maddy is has grown to be one as well. For the first four episodes of the seasons, viewers waited to see how and when Maddy would learn about Nate and Cassie’s relationship. Finally, in the fifth episode, Maddy made the discovery after Rue brought it to her attention. This week on Euphoria, Maddy’s feelings towards Nate and Cassie after learning about their romance are explored, but there is a technicality to be answered in the situation.

Did Nate Cheat On Maddy With Cassie On ‘Euphoria?’

This question seemingly has an obvious answer to it, but as Cassie points out in this week’s episode, Nate and Maddy were technically not together during Nate and Cassie’s fling. During an argument with her mom, Cassie stresses that Nate and Maddy were not together during her time with Nate, but her mom points out that what Cassie did is wrong since she’s best friends with Maddy. Cassie and Nate began their romance at a New Year’s Eve party and something about Cassie’s interactions with Nate brought her closer to him and made her desire him more. This is despite the fact, as Lexi points out, that Nate constantly made fun of Cassie before that New Year’s Eve party.

Without a doubt, from a moral standpoint, Nate and Cassie are wrong for their actions due to their connections to Maddy, but technically, Nate did not cheat on Maddy with Cassie. Whether it’s wrong or not is the least Nate and Cassie’s worries, and the end of episode six made that quite clear.

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