What Drug Is Rue Addicted To On ‘Euphoria?’

(SPOILERS for this week’s Euphoria will be found below.)

The latest episode of Euphoria zones in on Rue Bennett’s drug addiction and the aftermath of an intervention sparked by Jules, Elliot, and Rue’s mother and sister. They also disposed of the suitcase filled with drugs that Rue had in her room causing her to enter a brutal stage of withdrawal. For the remainder of the episode, we see Rue run away from her mom to avoid a trip back to rehab. We also see Rue go to great lengths to get money, or things worth a lot of money, in order to end her withdrawal symptoms.

What Drug Is Rue Addicted To On ‘Euphoria?’

While Rue has experimented with a number of drugs, it’s opiates that she regularly struggles with. For example and for much of season two, we see Rue regularly consume opiates and cocaine by herself and with Elliot. After she received the luggage of drugs from Laurie, who is quite the unorthodox drug dealer, Rue’s palette of drugs expands to include fentanyl, which she took in the form of a patch at the end of last week’s episode. This week, Rue’s withdrawal is seemingly cured the moment after she makes a visit to Laurie. There, Rue receives intravenous morphine which sparks a very vivid flashback of her with her late father.

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