Discovery Has Turned ‘Shark Week’ Into ‘Summer Of The Shark’

Good news for people who quantify how much they like sharks by number of days: Discovery announced today that Shark Week will be turned into the Summer of the Shark. Oh, good. No longer will we have to wait until a single week in August to watch sharks slowly gobble up mankind. Discovery’s annual tribute to the most literal of Buffy villains is from July 5th-12th then again during a weekend in August, or until NOPE SHARK kills us all. Whichever comes first.

From a press release:

SHARK WEEK, television’s most anticipated week of shark filled television, kicks off this year on July 5 (through the 12th), earlier than ever before. In addition to SHARK WEEK in July, Discovery will also premiere all-new SHARK WEEK programming during a special weekend in August, turning 2015 into the “Summer of the Shark.”

Discovery Channel’s SHARK WEEK 2015 will include:

-The most hours of programming in SHARK WEEK history;

-The first ever SHARK WEEK expedition to Cuba, plus global locations that include New Zealand, South Africa, Taiwan and the Arctic, as well as numerous U.S. destinations;

-Various sequels to SHARK WEEK favorite specials, including the iconic program Air Jaws, which has pushed and expanded the understanding of Great White sharks, and Great White Serial Killer featuring Jeff Kurr, Andy Casagrande and Brandon McMillan;

-Four years in the making, multiple hours of blue chip natural history programming that reveals never before seen moments on camera;

-Never before used shark technology to capture all new shark images and shark behaviors;

-Programming that features 10 year old shark conservation activist Sean Lesniak (a state bill filed on Lesniak’s behalf was signed into law in 2014 banning the possession and sale of shark fins in MA) who goes on an expedition with his idol, biologist Greg Skomal, and the Shark Cam team. (Via)

Some men just want to watch the world burn. Others, this nightmare-turned-actual sea beast.

Via TV By the Numbers