Discovery Orders SEAL Team 6 Doc

06.17.11 8 years ago 9 Comments

Capitalizing on America’s love affair with the black-ops execution of terrorists, Discovery has ordered a documentary about DevGru, better known as SEAL Team Six, the unit responsible for the daring raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

In Secrets of SEAL Team Six, the network will introduce viewers to the team’s founder Dick Marcinko and former members as it explores the team’s history, training, weapons and technology. “[It’s] a group that will kick ass and save you,” Marcinko says.

Though the top-secret identities of the team members who participated in the Pakistan mission are, of course, not identified, the show will go behind closed doors to reveal new details of this unit — including talking to the wives of team members (Can we request a Real Housewives of SEAL Team Six spinoff?). [EW]

Even better than “The Real Housewives of SEAL Team Six” would be “The Real Housewives Executed by SEAL Team Six.” Compelling television AND an excellent use of our tax dollars.

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