Discovery To Dial Back The Scare Tactics In This Year’s ‘Shark Week’

It’s the 28th season of Discovery’s Shark Week and it looks like the network is dialing back the fictionalized themes and notorious scare tactics for this year’s tribute. According to TV Insider, the network is setting its focus on the many positive traits of the often feared ocean predator:

“Shark attacks do happen; it is a reality,” says Howard Swartz, vice president of documentaries and specials at Discovery. “Our focus, though, is shining a light on how magnificent these creatures are.”

It’s a nice change of pace to hear that we’ll get more positive educational shark programming this year, but with 19 hours of programming in Shark Week’s lineup, there are still shows in the schedule with titles like Island of the Mega Shark, Bride of Jaws, Return of the Great White Serial Killer and — let’s not forget — Shark After Dark hosted by Eli Roth. Discovery may have ratcheted down the scare tactics, but by the looks of things, they won’t be completely missing the traditional Shark Week fare.

Shark Week on Discovery kicks off its yearly week of programming this Sunday, July 5th at 8/7 c.

(Via Discovery and TV Insider)