Discussion Post and Poll: What Is Your Favorite Network Sitcom Besides 'Community'?

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03.23.12 101 Comments

For the most part, I think network dramas are pathetic. With the exception of “Parenthood” and “The Good Wife,” you can’t really find a good solid drama on the big four networks. Despite the low ratings of many of them, however, I think networks have managed to cultivate quite a few excellent situation comedies.

Now, we all know of your affection for “Community.” And good news: Last night without a fresh episode of “The Office,” “Community” was the top rated program on the network. Among men 18-34, it was also tied for number one in the timeslot (with NCAA basketball coverage) and number two among women 18-34 (behind “American Idol”). Any doubts we had about “Community’s” shot at renewal should be dispelled by those numbers. If NBC is renewing shows like “Grimm” and “Smash,” a fourth year of “Community” — which has already been picked up by Comedy Central for syndication — seems like a very safe bet.

However, what about the other network sitcoms that we don’t talk about as much because they don’t feature Alison Brie running? If you had to choose one, which would be your favorite? Two years ago, I’d probably have gone with “Modern Family.” Last week, I probably would’ve gone with “Happy Endings.” But on the strength of this week’s episodes, I’d probably pick “Cougar Town,” although “New Girl” is really beginning to find its stride.

Here’s a poll that asks, not including “Community” (or animated sitcoms, a subject for another post), which is your favorite? There are a few trick choices in there; if you choose them, a piece of sophisticated software developed specifically for Warming Glow will trace your IP back to your home. If you are a Nielsen family, your television will explode. Sorry in advance.

What’s your favorite, and why? We’ll try and broaden our coverage to more frequently discuss the most popular choices. If I forgot to include your favorite sitcom on the poll, rest assured it’s because I don’t care about that show.

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