Discussion: What Are You Watching This Summer?

06.22.12 7 years ago 44 Comments

The network season has run its course, “Game of Thrones,” “Mad Men,” and “Veep,” have ended their seasons, “Breaking Bad” doesn’t arrive until July 15th, and I’d rather watch paint dry in the dark than sit through an episode “True Blood.” There’s not a lot of television right now. “Newsroom” kicks off this weekend (and it comes with mixed reviews, so far), “Louie” is back next week, and “Weeds” returns in July. I’ll watch it because there’s not much else to watch, plus Mary Louise Parker will probably remove her skirt. I’m also excited about Carla Gugino and Sigourney Weaver’s new mini-series, “Political Animals,” which arrives in July.

For now, I’m down to around five hours of first-run television at the moment, and currently, “Suits” would have to be considered the highlight of my week. It’s bad enough that I’m watching the OK “Longmire,” and sticking with “Dallas” just to see if it gets any worse. (J.R. Ewing and his eyebrows, however, are fantastic). That said, it is a good time to catch up on some old series (I have half a season of “Fringe” to watch) or maybe watch one of the 15 Best Series Currently on Netflix.

I guess there are also books, and movies, but we’re curious if we’re missing anything that we should be covering. What is everyone else watching on television this summer? I imagine you’re not watching many of the 25 highest rated shows on network TV . Is anyone watching the new Hulu programming? Does anyone have any good recommendations for summer television viewing? Any hidden gems the rest of us are missing? What are you catching up on? Besides “Louis” and “Breaking Bad,” is there anything you’re really looking forward to?

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