Dish Network Subscribers Can Finally Choose To Not Watch AMC’s ‘Comic Book Men’ On Their Own Terms

A lot of people watched AMC’s The Walking Dead last week (and likely last night, too), proving that Dish Network, which has been in a dumb dispute with the home of Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and that farting redneck show for months now, needs AMC more than AMC needs Dish Network. So, it should come as no surprise that the two are done feudin’ and fussin’ and back to hating Lori in harmony.

The lawsuit — an arcane dispute rooted in the defunct Voom service — ended this weekend when AMC and Cablevision agreed to a settlement with Dish. According to a press release, Dish agreed to pay AMC and Cablevision $700 million, and also entered into a new multi-year agreement to air the channels comprising AMC Networks — which includes AMC, IFC, the Sundance Channel, and WE tv. (Via)

It’s been a good run, not-at-all-obnoxious “Not on Dish” commercials. I’m going to miss you. At least we still have those five ads with “Moves Like Jagger,” bearded NFL man, and “AND IT FEELS LIKE I AM JUST TOO CLOSE TO LOVE YOU” to keep us sane. Imagine a world in which we don’t see the same commercial every five seconds. *shudder* But don’t worry, Dish folk, you didn’t miss anything.

Nope, nothing at all.

(Via EW)