Disney Is Reportedly Working To Add A Huge Feature Missing From Disney+

Disney+ has gotten off to a solid start since it launched in mid-November, with Star Wars fans excited about a very small character in The Mandalorian and a large library of past favorites to stream with the add-on service. For every complaint about the aspect ratio of The Simpsons has come a promised fix, but one quibble fans have had has not been addressed just yet: there’s no “continue watching” category on the Disney+ UI.

If you’ve used basically any other streaming service, you know what this is: an easy-to-access list of shows or movies you’re in progress on available to select and start watching again from where you left off. It’s a feature ubiquitous with the streaming age, so it’s a bit of a shock not to have it available on launch like it is on other streaming services. Hell, pausing TV and movies has long been an option if you have a cable or satellite box. Picking up where we left off is just something that happens in media these days, but not on Disney+. Not yet, at least.

But help is, apparently, on the horizon. According to, there’s talk of adding exactly that feature to the service, though it might not happen right away.

Fortunately, there are plans for that to change sometime in the near future. has learned that Disney+ is working on the “continue watching” feature and is hoping to launch it on the service shortly. There’s no exact timetable for this addition, so it could arrive later this year or sometime in early 2020. The point its, though, that Disney+ is definitely working toward adding that list in the near future.

The site notes that a “continue watching” option may not be atop the list of priorities for Disney right now, but it’s certainly the complaint that’s come up most often in the first few days of its availability. It’s good that Disney at least appears to be addressing viewer complaints in a timely manner, or at least taking these issues into consideration. Launching a new product with a huge library is bound to come up with limitations and complications, but it seems they’re willing to admit things aren’t perfect right at the jump.

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