‘Dog with a Blog’ Is Going to Be the Greatest Show In TV History

Move over, “The Simpsons.” I have a new favorite series. And it’s called: “DOG WITH A BLOG.”

Disney Channel, the leading TV network for kids and families, has ordered “DOG WITH A BLOG,” a live action comedy series from Emmy-winning producer Michael B. Kaplan. A family sitcom from the pet’s point-of-view, it centers on step-siblings whose parents buy them a dog to encourage them to get along. That happens – to some extent – as brother and sister discover a big secret about their family’s latest addition…that the dog can talk AND blog. (Via)

I have so many questions. Will his blog be called Off the Leash or Doggy Style? Will his keyboard have bones instead of numbers on it? Can he only blog? What if he wanted to be a newspaper columnist for The Daily Beagle? How did Michael B. Kaplan pull off writing for “Frasier” and “Girlfriends”? Will millions of kids want to go to journalism school because “the dog did it”? Will he be bought out by the Ruffington Post? Will the series run for 45 seasons or 46? WHY CAN’T I WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW?