Don Lemon Apologizes For His Line Of Questioning With Bill Cosby’s Rape Accuser

This is not a banner year for CNN anchor Don Lemon. Off the top of my head there was the automatic gun debate and the Talib Kweli interview, as they were both rather painful to watch, and nobody is going to forget his black hole theory about Flight 370 anytime soon. Last night provided the latest verbal misstep and generally bad questioning, as Lemon was an instant target for the Twitter mobs after he asked Joan Tarshis, a woman who has accused Bill Cosby of raping her, in a very awkward exchange why she didn’t think about biting her alleged attacker’s penis.

Lemon offered up the above apology earlier today, claiming that, as a victim of pedophilia when he was a child, he would “never want to suggest that any victim could have prevented a rape.” Although, there’s a chance that these apology clips are just kept in the can now.