NBC Used A Classic ‘Parks And Recreation’ Clip To Make Fun Of The ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Press Tour

The Wikipedia page for Don’t Worry Darling has an “On-Set Conflicts” section (always a good sign) that’s nearly 300 words long. And it doesn’t even include The Spit incident. Things have gotten so messy for director Olivia Wilde’s follow-up to Booksmart that even NBC — NBC! — is taking shots at the various fiascos surrounding the film.

“don’t worry darling 2022 press tour,” @NBC tweeted, along with a clip of a classic scene from Parks and Recreation. The video is taken from the season four episode, “The Comeback Kid,” where Leslie Knope thinks she’s giving a speech as part of her city council campaign on a basketball court — but it’s actually a hockey rink.

What follows is some ol’ fashioned slapstick (and a payday for Gloria Estefan) as the parks department and a three-legged dog slowly inch and stumble their way across the ice. Do you miss when Chris Pratt was a bumbling, lovable goof? Because I do.

If NBC is dunking on you, something has gone wrong.

It’s especially funny to use a clip from Parks and Recreation. The show’s star, Amy Poehler, dated Nick Kroll, who appears in — you guessed it — Don’t Worry Darling. (He was also The Douche on Parks and Rec, which gives me an excuse to watch a 10-minute video of The Douche’s best moments, not that I needed one.) The tweet is also reminding people of the “single greatest scene in television history.”



You can watch it for yourself below.