People Want To Know If Harry Styles Spit On Chris Pine

More drama from tonight’s Don’t Worry Darling screening at the Venice Film Festival: Harry Styles may or may not have spit on his costar Chris Pine. Who saw this coming?

That’s right. In addition to the saliva he and Nick Kroll exchanged via a quick kiss on the mouth during the movie’s standing ovation, the “As It Was” singer was caught possibly spitting on Pine. A video captures Styles going to sit in his seat next to Pine but pausing for a moment. Spit vaguely appears to come from his mouth and hit Pine’s hand. Pine’s expression changes for a moment, to something resembling disbelief, and he stops clapping and then laughs. However, nothing is clear. It’s hard to say. It wouldn’t exactly be unexpected considering all that’s happened with this movie and its chaotic cast.

The internet is obviously having a field day with Spitgate. One user wrote, “the ‘i did not spit on that man’ notes app apology harry styles will soon be forced to tweet is already shaping up to be an all-timer.” Another wrote, “the don’t worry darling drama is getting more and more absurd like what do you mean harry styles [spins wheel] spit on [spins wheel] chris pine.”