NBC Celebrates The Return Of ‘Community’ By Proving It’s Still Terrible At Promoting ‘Community’

Oh, NBC. Even when you give one of your best programs the promotion it deserves, you manage to screw it up.

Since late Wednesday night, The Peacock has prominently featured tonight’s belated (and fantastic, if early reviews are any indication) return of Community on its homepage, giving the unfairly neglected show top billing and a featured spot in its “Latest from NBC” section. One problem: the network refers to our favorite group of Greendale students as the “Greenville” gang in the latter position:

You might, as someone who actually watches the show, say they Britta’d it. Or that some things never Chang. As of 6 AM EST on Thursday, the error is still on the site.

But fear not, fellow Community enthusiasts. We plan on giving the show’s ONE HOUR return (that’s TWO EPISODES starting TONIGHT at EIGHT O’CLOCK, SEVEN CENTRAL on NBC) the proper hype job it deserves later today.

NBC.com via reader Daniel