Drew Barrymore Wants Britney Spears To Come On Her Talk Show, So She Definitely Should

Drey Barrymore did what others simply could not do: she launched a talk show in the middle of a pandemic and managed to actually make it good, despite every other thing that was going on in the world. Maybe it’s because of her very famous friends, or maybe it’s because she actually has engaging conversations with her guests and audience. Which makes her the perfect candidate to interview Britney Spears!

The actress-turned-TV host has a new goal for this year: to get Spears on her show. As she told Variety, Barrymore lived a very similar experience to the pop star: she entered the industry as a child and grew up in and out of rehab before eventually becoming emancipated from her parents.

“We can have a unique conversation,” Barrymore says of Spears. “There’s not a ton of us out there who have publicly lost our freedom, had breakdowns in front of everyone, become punchlines, and fought our way back.”

Spears just emerged from a lengthy legal battle with her family and was finally freed from her conservatorship late last year. She has been vocally hesitant about appearing in the press, which is why Barrymore being her first interview could work out for her. Spears recently posted a photo of Barrymore on her Instagram (the post has since been deleted), praising the talk show host.

Barrymore also has explained that she is better at listening and engaging with her guests, which would work in Spears’ favor. “I learned to become a better listener. In the beginning, I over-talked to people, which I felt embarrassed about,” she added. “There’s an art figuring out how to navigate a conversation — and when to stop talking.”

The two can also bond over their various SNL impressions as talk show hosts, both by Chloe Fineman. Maybe the three of them could do an episode together???