Drew Barrymore And Tom Green Reunited In Person For The First Time In Nearly 20 Years On Her Show

The last time Drew Barrymore and Tom Green were in a room together was nearly 20 years ago. But the pair, who started dating in 1999 and were married from 2001-2002, reunited on Tuesday’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show (the only good talk show).

“It’s very nice to see you. It does feel weird, though,” Green told his Freddy Got Fingered co-star, Barrymore. “Not weird in a bad way — weird in a good way. Appreciate it, Drew, so thanks for having me on the show. It’s awesome. This is cool. I actually think this is a nice way of reconnecting, actually. It takes a little bit of the pressure off.” Barrymore said, “I respect and love you,” to which Green replied, “Love you, too.”

Green joined his ex-wife and television personality Ross Mathews for the “Drew’s News” segment of Barrymore’s show, during which Green spoke about his yearlong road trip. The two also reminisced about their honeymoon in Ireland, which included mountain hikes, a hairy sheep, a “mini cemetery” of headstones, and jumping in “random oceans” and finding “random fields.”

“It was one of my favorite trips of my life,” Barrymore said.

Green guested on The Drew Barrymore Show last year, but it was a virtual appearance. You can watch the in-person reunion above (and listen to “The Salmon Song” here).

(Via USA Today)