Drunk Mark Wahlberg Flirted With Sarah Silverman, Challenged Michael Fassbender To A 'Big D*ck Contest' On 'Graham Norton Show'

Mark Wahlberg brought his NAWT YOU NAWT YOU NAWT YOU Southie shtick overseas last night, to BBC’s The Graham Norton Show, where he was visibly drunk, flirted with Sarah Silverman, and challenged Michael Fassbender to a “big d*ck contest.” Sorry, ladies, no d*cks, big or otherwise, were whipped out; the competition was about voice actor work, which Fassbender owned at. Of course HE knows how to convincingly imitate a silencer.

The British press is SHOCKED:

He revealed he will be showing up to the Oscars with his cuddly yet inappropriate co-star Ted and will have to ‘try and extinguish the fires.’ But it seems Mark Wahlberg may want to put his own out first after the actor appeared on The Graham Norton Show rather worse for wear as it aired on Friday evening.

The star’s behaviour prompted Twitter users to question his sobriety as he sat on the chat show host’s lap and played with his nipples, as well as getting rather frisky with his fellow guest Sarah Silverman. (Via)

He also told a wonderful anecdote about his son punching the Rock in the nuts. Some people are mad at Wahlberg for loudly talking over Silverman and Fassbender, but I, personally, wished he had been even more drunk. Silverman and Fassbender, too. I’d pay good money to watch the three of them have sex while eating I Heart Beef Chuckabees sandwiches from Wahlburgers and dirty talking the ways they would have stopped acts of terrorism.

Which Fassbender probably actually has.

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