Elijah Wood Kept ‘Bear’ And The Gatorade Bong From The Set Of ‘Wilfred’

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07.30.14 7 Comments

Fans of FX’s hilarious series Wilfred are probably pretty sad that the finale will air two weeks from tonight, but then, all good things must come to an end. Stars Elijah Wood and Jason Gann will undoubtedly move on to bigger and better things, but they’ll always have a piece of this ridiculous show about a guy and a crude and offensive dog deep inside of their hearts. Also, according to Wood, they’ll have some of the most important props from the show in their homes, because once Wilfred was done filming, they helped themselves to whatever wasn’t bolted down.

So if you’re a big star like Wood, what’s the one prop that you’re gunning to take home with you so it’s always in your possession and doesn’t wind up on eBay? Well, he took two things, as he told Star Pulse, and fans can sleep easy knowing that such priceless artifacts are being protected.

Now that the show is ending is there anything that either you were given or you asked for to take from the set?

Yes. I have “Bear” in my possession. And I have the Gatorade bong. There’s one of two, I think Jason has the other one. And actually a good friend of mine has a good portion of the basement. I was most sad to see the basement go. I think all of us felt a really strong connection to the space. But “Bear,” I was actually really scared to take “Bear” home. I was primarily worried about where “Bear” was going to go and I didn’t want it to fall in the wrong hands or to be sold or anything, so I felt like I had to save it. And I drove “Bear” home and put him in my house and sat him in a chair and it just felt so right. I was sitting there on my couch looking over at “Bear.” (Via Star Pulse)

Whether or not Bear comes complete with Wilfred’s semen ants is unknown, but it’s sort of sweet to think that they’ll be one big, happy family. You know, unless Bear starts yapping.

As for the Gatorade bong, if you somehow can’t figure out how to make one for yourself, Wood was more than happy to help in this clip from Conan in 2012.

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