Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s Face Doesn’t Know What To Do When Confronted With Realities Of Marijuana Use

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05.19.14 38 Comments

Former Patriots linebacker Shawn Stuckey appeared on Fox News this morning to discuss NFL’s renegotiated drug policy with Elisabeth Hasselbeck — which allows for a higher threshold for marijuana in the bloodstream and would reduce punishments for player violations. Because, let’s face it: By now almost everyone knows that marijuana is not the boogeyman it’s long-since been made out to be, and it’s only a matter of time before marijuana is legalized.

So when Stuckey made this extremely valid point of changing public sentiment, Hasselbeck was naturally all: “But won’t somebody THINK OF THE CHILDREN?!” To which Stuckey responded the following, eliciting the above reaction where Hasselbeck’s stupid face twists itself into the shape of labia and she promptly shuts down the interview:

“However, I was also a high school teacher, where I taught young teenagers,” Stuckey noted. “And I am intimately aware of what teenagers are influenced and not influenced by.”

“The NFL changing its policy towards marijuana would not influence these teenagers,” he said. “If the NFL were to immediate ban the use of all alcohol amongst all football players, you would not find a widespread cessation of alcohol use among teenagers.”

Preach on. If teen-favorite Miley Cyrus dressing like a sparkly pot leaf all the time, while incessantly talking about her love for the ganja and even smoking up right on stage at awards shows doesn’t increase marijuana use in teenagers, then a bunch of professional athletes smoking (or vaping) pot behind closed doors in the comfort of their own homes sure as hell won’t. Teenagers are dumb, don’t get me wrong, but for the most part their actions are self motivated. Kids smoke pot because getting high is fun, just like they always have and always will.

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